What a difference 36 hours can make!!

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Well.. What a DIFFERENCE 36 hours make!! I can’t thank my neighbors enough for coming to our rescue and helping demolish the warehouse!! Jim Wilson with Buccaneer Excavating brought his equipment and 2 operators and had the building completely demolished and in dumpsters by the end of the day.. as well as dropping about 12 trees from behind the warehouse. (My grandson can be seen sitting on my tractor “helping” to do the demolition.. so cute!). I spent about 8 hours today sweeping and power washing the entire area to get rid of all the ash and debris.. my neighbor Bill Schott helped out with some of the power washing as well and will be doing all the concrete work to prepare the site for the new building which will be started on June 15th.. yippee!! Everything is coming along nicely.. thank God for all our friends who have sent donations to help us keep our heads above water until we can start doing business again.. and our family and local friends who have helped us with manpower to get ready for construction.. God has TRULY blessed us.. as He always does!!