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Well… as most of you are aware we officially changed the name of the business to “Prehistoric Fossils” as of the end of the year.  NOTHING ELSE has changed.. I have not sold the business to somebody else and have no intentions of doing so.. we decided to get all our eggs in one basket so to speak.. much easier with the accounting, etc..  At this point we have no immediate plans to merge the websites together but may opt to do so in the future to have one SUPER SITE!!  So for now www.prehistoricfossils.com will take you to our RETAIL website that is geared towards kids with models, games, puzzles & educational items and www.indiana9fossils.com will still take you to this site even though the business name is now legally “Prehistoric Fossils”.

Chris and I will be attending the upcoming Tucson Show as buyers.. it is going to be so strange not setting up and selling out there, but it will give us the time we need to wander around to all the different venues all over the city and see what is out there to see.  We will be buying for the store AND the website so stay tuned for NEW PRODUCTS and NEW FOSSILS after the show is over.

If you are looking for anything specific, please e-mail me at merv@indiana9fossils.com or info@prehistoricfossils.com with what you are looking for, the price range you are REALISTICALLY looking to pay and a way to contact you to send you photos for approval.. a cell phone number would be the best and quickest way to make a decision before your item is gone!

Thanks to all of you for sticking with us as we have been busy working on rebuilding our business.. it has been an uphill battle since the fire but with your help and support we are slowly getting there!

Thanks again,

Merv, Chris & Lisa