Hoplophoneus Saber-Cat Jaw #1

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Saber-Cat Fossils

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  • Hoplophoneus sp.
  • Oligocene Age
  • Brule Formation
  • Perkins County, South Dakota
  • This is a nice lower jaw from a Hoplophoneus Saber Cat.  The back portion of the jaw (The “hinge” area) was restored but the front of the jaw and all the teeth are original teeth and bone.  The overall length of this specimen is approx. 4 1/4″ long.  It will come in the 6″ x 8″ Riker Mount as shown.  Hoplophoneus Fossils are VERY RARE!!

Hoplophoneus is an extinct genus of the family Nimravidae, subfamily Nimravinae, endemic to North America during the Late Eocene to Early Oligocene epochs (38—33.3 mya), existing for approximately 3.9 million years.   Hoplophoneus, though not a true cat, was similar to cats in outward appearance, though with a robust body and shorter legs. The largest known specimen was examined by Sorkin (2008) for body mass and was estimated to have a weight of 160 kg (350 lb).  
Hoplophoneus occidentalis was about the size of a large leopard and had canine teeth of only moderately-larger size. The larger H. sicarius and H. mentalis had very large upper canines and a massive flange at the front of the lower jaw.