NEW Fossils coming SOON!

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First of all I want to thank you all for bearing with me while I have been away and busy with the building demolition and planning for the NEW building and rebuilding both of our businesses.  For a number of years I had really wanted to update my old website and bring it into the 21st century since the program I had been using was 18 years old.. my old website was a “dinosaur” as far as technology was concerned!  I never had the gumption to do that since the undertaking was so intimidating.. my inventory was massive and it was virtually impossible to make the change.  Well, as a result of the fire and the loss of everything from my website this was the perfect time to make a change.  I have been spending all my “spare time” learning to use WordPress and going through hundreds of plugins trying to come up with a nice, new, modern website that will be easy to use.  I have been PRACTICING on my other website to learn the program and I am very pleased with the results.. check it out at

Tomorrow, June 8th I will be having surgery on my left elbow to hopefully alleviate nerve damage/pain in my left hand that is a result from the 2 broken elbows I received from a fall 2.5 years ago.. after a day or two of recovery HOPEFULY I will start the daunting task of rebuilding this website and our business.  Please bear with me as I am doing this.. it will take some time to get back to the size we were prior to the fire but our objective will be to do exactly that… in fact, we want to be BIGGER and BETTER than before!

Starting over with nothing is actually exciting.. a clean slate and an opportunity to do a few things differently and hopefully better!  We WILL be set up in Denver and will have photos of the fire, etc.. to share with those who are interested.  Please be sure to stop by and see us if you are going to the show!  Thanks again for your support and patience!!