Closed for “Remodeling”!

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On April 27th we had an electrical fire destroy your warehouse and office.  As a result we lost our entire website inventory.  It took firefighters over 5 hours to bring the fire under control and extinguished.  The fire totally destroyed our building, fixtures and all the fossils and collectibles inventory that we had inside the building.  We just thank God that nobody was hurt or killed when the fire broke out or when the firefighters were fighting the inferno.  Fire departments responded from over 20 miles away and were able to see the column of smoke from that distance!   We may have lost the building and the inventory but we have not lost hope.  We have received such an incredible outpouring of love and support from all our friends and extended “fossil family” that we are humbled by this whole experience.  Please bear with us while we regroup and tackle the monumental task of rebuilding our business from the ground up.  It took 18 years to get to where we were before the fire, so please be patient while we climb our way out of the ashes and claw our way back to where we were.