2016 is here and our Tucson Show is coming FAST……

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Hello Everybody!

Well… 2015 was QUITE the year for us.. and we are GLAD that it is over.  We are working hard to get our business back to the level it was prior to the fire in April and are making good progress.  Our inventory and website continues to grow as we reinvest everything that comes in.. I am very happy with the new website, but it is slow going.  The new program is quite a bit slower for me to  use, but I think that the quality of the site is much higher than the old site, so I am okay with the slower progress.. quality over quantity.. right??  hehehehee….

We leave for our Tucson Show on the 18th (Sooner if the weather is going to get bad and we need to get ahead of any snow or ice between here and there) and are excited to see all our friends and extended “family” there!  If you attend the Tucson Show please be sure to visit us at the 22nd Street Show where we will have one of the largest booths there.. and the LARGEST selection of Dinosaur Fossils at the entire Tucson Show!

If you have any special fossils that you want us to try to obtain for you, please e-mail me and let me know what you are looking for.

I hope that 2016 proves to be a safe, happy and prosperous year for all of us..

Merv, Chris & Lisa

Indiana9 Fossils