The Placodermi are armoured prehistoric fishes known from fossils dating to the Devonian Period. Their head and thorax were covered by articulated armoured plates and the rest of the body was scaled or naked. Placoderms were the first of the jawed fishes, their jaws likely evolving from the first of their gill arches.

The first identifiable Placoderms evolved in the late Silurian; they disappeared in the Late Devonian extinctions. The first appearance of late Silurian placoderm fossils, in China, show the fishes already differentiated into Antiarchs and Arthrodires; apparently Placoderm diversity originated long before the Devonian, though earlier fossils, of basal Placodermi, have yet to be discovered.

The earliest studies of placoderms were published by Louis Agassiz, in his five volumes on fossil fishes, 1833 1843. The work of Dr. Erik Stensio, at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, from the late 1920s established the details of placoderm anatomy, and identified them as true jawed fishes related to sharks.

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Name:  Bothriolepsis canadensis
Geologic Age: Middle Devonian
Escuminac formation
Miguasha Bay, Quebec Canada

This is a nice skull that has been prepared from BOTH sides of the nodule... The plate details are very nice on this plate..

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