Crawfordsville Indiana Crinoids, Starfish, etc..

340 million years a warm, shallow ocean covered most of what is now Indiana. This era was known as the Mississippian or "The Age of Crinoids." Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, is world renowned the most famous localities for Crinoids, in fact it may be properly called classical Crinoidal ground, having been visited frequently by collectors, geologists and paleontologists, and having furnished the best material for the study of subcarboniferous Crinoids. James Hall, Meek, Worthen, Lyon, Cassiday, Owen, Shumard, have described and figured many species in various reports and books, from this locality, and new additions are made frequently.

Montgomery County is about 750 feet above the ocean, its surface covered mostly by glacial clays, sand, gravel and boulders, and only in the valleys, ravines and cuts the underlying subcarboniferous rocks are exposed, belonging mostly to the Keokuk Group which occupies the central part of the country. The stratas of the Keokuk Group consist of shale, soft sandstones and some limestone; the shales predominate and contain most of the Crinoids., but on account of the shales decomposing very easily by exposure to atmospheric influences the fossils are mostly found in fragments, and it is only at considerable depth that the undecomposed stratas can be reached, furnishing specimens in a good state of preservation. My objective is to offer to the collector, some of the finest Crinoids in the world, at the best possible prices. My belief is that collector's should be able to display these prizes in their home collections, in contrast to  museums who frequently store them in drawers never again to see the light of day.


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Crinoid Directory

Species: Last Updated:
Abatocrinus coreyi 5/24
Abatocrinus grandis  
Abrotocrinus manus  
Abrotocrinus occidentalis  
Abrotocrinus unicus 5/24
Actinocrinites gibsoni 11/22
Agariocrinus americanus 10/3
Agariocrinus spendens 10/3
Aulocrinus bellus  
Barycrinus crassibrachiatus  
Barycrinus rhombiferus 10/3
Barycrinus stellatus  
Camptocrinus myelodactylus 10/3
Catilocrinus tennesseeae  
Cestocrinus striatus  
Cosmetocrinus gracilis  
Cyathocrinites iowensis 11/22
Cyathocrinites harrodi  
Cyathocrinites multibrachiatus  
Decadocrinus tumidulus 7/10
Dizygocrinus mutabilis  
Dorycrinus gouldi 7/10
Eretmocrinus granuliferus  
Forbesiocrinus multibrachiatus 11/22
Gilbertsocrinus dispansus  
Goniocrinus harrisi  
Forbesiocrinus multibrachiatus  
Halysiocrinus tunicatus  
Histocrinus coreyi  
Histocrinus graphicus  
Hylodecrinus briareus  
Hylodecrinus sculptus  
Lanecrinus depressus  
Lebetocrinus grandis  
Macrocrinus mundulus 11/22
Mass Mortality, Multiple Species Plates 10/3
Meniscocrinus magnitubus 11/22
Metablastus Blastoids  
Onychocrinus ulrichi 11/22
Pachylocrinus aequalis 11/22
Paradichocrinus planus  
Parascytalocrinus hamiltonensis 7/10
Parascytalocrinus validus 10/3
Paricthyocrinus subovatus  
Parisocrinus crawfordsvillensis  
Parisocrinus labrythicus 10/3
Pellecrinus hexadactylus 11/22
Platycrinites brevinodus 10/3
Platycrinites niotensis  
Platycrinites saffordi  
Saccosomopsis insperatus  
Sarocrinus granilineus 11/22
Sarocrinus varsovensis 11/22
Scytalocrinus decadactylus 7/10
Scytalocrinus disparilis  
Taxocrinus colletti 11/22
Undescribed Species!  
Uperocrinus marinus  

Crawfordsville Animal Directory

Species: Last Updated:
Onychaster flexilis Starfish  
Platyceras equilateralis Gastropods  
Lunectaster howelli Starfish 10/4