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Hello everybody!! Well. . this has been an amazing year so far!  We are finally all settled into our new warehouse/office and are running at full speed!  I am in the process of trying to buy good quality fossils to restock our shelves with and get them posted onto the website. . as well as working hard getting ready for our upcoming .   We will have the largest selection of quality Dinosaur Fossils that we have ever had!!  So if you are in the area to attend the show , [] please be sure to stop by and visit with us!!  Also. . if you have any fossils on your "Wish List" let me know so I can see if I can get them for you.   I have fossil contacts all over the world so if it is legal I am sure that eventually I will be able to find for you. thanks again for all your support. . it is greatly appreciated!! Merv, Chris & Lisa Indiana9 Fossils

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