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This was how the site looked ?product_cat=kids corner at 6:00 am this morning.   The forecast was for storms all day so we weren't sure that they would start construction.   We were praying hard all day for the rain to hold off and go around us!  The crew started work at 7:00 am and worked like a well oiled machine!  As the afternoon wore on the threat [?product_cat=kids corner] of rain kept looming.   This only spurred the crew on to work even harder.   Their goal was to get under roof before the rains came. ?product_cat=kids corner   we thought that there was no way possible for them to accomplish that goal!  well, they got the trusses up and the osb boards on and started to put the felt down. . . and ran out of felt! They sent a driver to get another roll from town and he got back just in time to put the last of the felt down before the first of the rain began!  They managed to get it under roof after all!  Thank God for keeping the rain away until they were done!!!  Now. . . they need DRY weather in the morning to get the metal roof on before it rains tomorrow ?product_cat=kids corner, Wednesday & Thursday.

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