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Well. . after a LOT of planning ?product=paleocene zizyphoides flatbellum leaf 2, wrangling, hard ?product=paleocene zizyphoides flatbellum leaf 2 work and loan applications we have FINALLY opened our NEW STORE in Historic Downtown Branson Missouri!!   Our new store is called "" and is located at  We are at the major intersection of Highway 76 as you head to The Landing and Veterans Blvd (Business Route 65).  We are open 7 days a week from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm  Our phone number is (417) 320-6124 If you ever come to Branson, be sure to look us up and visit our store!  We have a Dedicate to the new store and we also have a website www. prehistoricfossils. com that will eventually be an e-commerce site for the store.  We are ALSO on  We are NOT replacing Indiana9 Fossils. . this is a separate business and I will be working hard to bring Indiana9 back to the jam-packed site it was before we lost everything to [?product=paleocene zizyphoides flatbellum leaf 2] the fire in 2015 Thanks for your patience during this transition period. ?product=paleocene zizyphoides flatbellum leaf 2 . Merv

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