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Denversaurus Dinosaur Bone #4


 Denversaurus Dinosaur Fossils

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  • Denversaurus schlessmani
  • Cretaceous Age
  • Hell Creek Formation
  • South Dakota
  • This Humerus (Upper Arm Bone) is from a young adult. The ends of the bone had not fully ossified when the dinosaur died.. very cool!  Bones from this Nodosaur are EXTREMELY RARE!!! This specimen measures approx.  25 1/2″ long x 9″ wide and comes with the Custom-Made Display Stand with Label as shown.

Denversaurus (“Denver lizard”) is a genus of herbivorous nodosaurid ankylosaurian dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous (late Maastrichtian) of western North America. Denversaurus, along withAnkylosaurus, was found in the lower part of the Hell Creek Formation. Tyrannosaurus andTriceratops were also found in this formation. But unlike these animals, both ankylosaurs were only in the lower part of the formation. This suggests that some ankylosaurs became extinct long before the end of the Cretaceous. It is not known what caused their extinction, but it seems to be at the same time a number of other dinosaurs became less abundant. Denversaurus is the latest known member of the Thyreophora. The Thyreophora (“shield bearers”, often known simply as “armored dinosaurs”) were a subgroup of the ornithischian dinosaurs. They were armored herbivorous dinosaurs, living from the early Jurassic until the end of the Cretaceous.